Celebrating the holy month of Ramadan with Dapur Cokelat

01 Aug

To celebrate the onset of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Dapur Cokelat has introduced a decadent Signature best packages range with unique designs for you to share, give, and enjoy with family and friends in the comfort of your favorite chocolate parcels from Dapur Cokelat.

Adding to the season’s ambience, DC welcomes all chocolates connoisseurs to embark on a journey in the rich history of Morroco and Ramadan. Discover the timeless traditions of DC Morrocan style selections in every unique’ packages from DC.

This festive season, Dapur Cokelat with our experiences everything about chocolate are presented the best parcels packaging for customizing your taste. Started with our Special Parcel, contained with chocolate collections , vanilla cookies, white chocolate bar, malakoff; with only IDR 250.000,- you can get our special parcel with the unique packaging to share to your loved ones for this month.

We also presenting our 3 categories of A, B and C Parcel with the range of price between IDR 500.000,- to IDR 1.000.000,- all these packages are come up with the best choices of our Ramadan chocolate collections. Grand Parcel from Dapur Cokelat is the best choice of parcel that you can bring home with only IDR 1.250.000,- contained with mix pebbles, praline box, choco break, I’d chocolate collection, assorted chocolate, putri salju cookies, chocolate chips cookies, vanilla cookies, almond Roche, tingting, choco dates, sparkling lemonade, choco stick and choco bar. Well what else you can expect the best about chocolate when it’s all in one package????

Says the editor of DC, Phebe Evania (I guess you’ll agree too): “Ramadan is a time for sharing; a time to come together and celebrate our traditions. We at DC, are committed to regional and local customs and traditions, which are part and parcel all about chocolate.”

Every chocolate has a story; and its a unique treasure. We are pleased to re-introduce our best selections as we begin the holy month of Ramadan. Customers with an adventurous palate will enjoy the tastes of our new chocolate and cakes selection. and at DC, we acknowledge local cultures, values and beliefs and as a result.

So think Chocolate – think DC

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One response to “Celebrating the holy month of Ramadan with Dapur Cokelat

  1. Hema

    August 1, 2011 at 5:44 pm

    Happy Ramadhan 🙂 open the 1st festive day with collection of chocolate by Dapur cokelat and enjoy with the whole family 🙂 mamamia rasanya..


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