Dapur cokelat is one of the real true concept about the maturate business pastry company that focus on the making of chocolate and cakes production as well. As it started from the side job business at home, the owner of Dapur Cokelat Okky Dewanto and Ermey Trisniarty were succesfuly transformed their home business to become the company with such the simply idea of “home made but elegant” chocolate outlet as the matter of fact, surely with the best price for any range categories of people, in Indonesia mostly.


At the beginning of 2001, there are still a lot of Indonesians that had the paradigm way of thought that was only several quite people from “high class” level whom deserved to get the taste of chocolate. It seemed like some sort of people are just too afraid of even trying to enter the main entrance of those cake shops because of they’d located at the 5 stars hotels or so.  Whereas the most people in the middle class level are actually the best assets on the waiting list market that we can possibly reach rather than the high class one.


As for that reason, Ermey Trisniarty has begin started to build the first outlet with the good prices cope for every product indeed, included with the best quality and super delicious taste of chocolate. Also the benefit for the customers who comes to visit Dapur Cokelat, you no need to be worried when you’d first walk in to the outlet of DC. Yet, it simply the breakthrough to lift up promotes the richness of chocolate’s value at that time.


The first outlet was established in the year of 2001 in Mayestik. And only just in 5 years, Dapur Cokelat has been developed into the 3 top primary outlets in Jakarta which are located in Ahmad Dahlan – Mayestik, Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto in Menteng and Jalan Wijaya Kusuma in Southern of Jakarta. DC’s also running by the first Headquarter which located in Serpong – Tangerang.


In fact, by the time DC has completely reached the 10th years of anniversary in 2011, DC has been successful to set the goal in 3 big cities in Indonesia included Jakarta, Surabaya and Makassar, altogether with total 9 outlets around these 3 cities. The best ultimate concept designed of every outlet in DC is as similar as it’s your home kitchen, it purposely been set up that way for ya’ll the loyal costumers for having your own enchanted and very comfortable homely surroundings spot once you are steppin in.


So, think chocolate – Think DC.










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